Shades of Grace, a Tryptych

Other People’s Rules

This morning, we ran late.  When we got to school, Grace had a complete fit that I needed to walk her in and get her a sticker and sign her in since we were late.  I know the rule.  I hate the rule.  I was wearing high heels, and I just didn’t want to.  However, she was adamant.  When we got out of the car, she nearly collapsed, yelling that I needed to stay on the right side of the yellow line – for safety!  Since when does she care so much about the rules?  I suppose I should clarify that she only seems to care about Other People’s Rules (the ones that aren’t mine).  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad she likes rules since I am something of a rule girl myself.  Just surprised me, that’s all.

The Royal Toe/Vanity

Way to go Mom.  Last night I was loving on Grace, and teasing her about how her second toe is longer than her big toe.  She lost it.  She launched a 10 minute crying jag that she hated her toe, that maybe she would just cut off the whole foot so she could lose the long toe.  I suggested just using the clippers on that one toe, and explained the concept of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, but none of it worked.  She said she kind of knew that toe was longer, but that now that I pointed it out she just couldn’t live with it.  And now I am responsible for years of self loathing – like today’s little girls need any help with that.  Fantastic.  Way to go Mom.

Happy People

Grace has a home-based business that she runs out of her room.  She has a sign on the door.  She is very professional about it.  You have to sign in (first name AND last) and wait to be called.  She has a menu of services, that include massage, hair styling and reading.  If you buy 3 services, you get a card for a free service next time.  Her business is called Happy People.  I have to admit I have been taking advantage of the convenience, and it is rather posh.  You get a teddy bear to snuggle with while you get massaged, and tonight my readings were Christmas City and Biscuit.  Total cost for a massage and 2 readings – $2.22.  That’s nothing compared to the cost of years of therapy for having your mother yell at you for caring about society’s rules, that and having that freak toe.    

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