What it’s like in heaven.

This life didn’t fit Lynnda very well, and I hope the next one is much kinder to her. 

Tonight I asked the girls what color they thought the grass was in heaven.  Andra thinks it is green, but not just green, but the lushest brightest green. We decided that the sky is pink, like the sunset was yesterday.  The air smells minty and a little like the air just before it rains, or water on rocks. I told them that I thought food tasted great in heaven, and Andra thinks you get a wand you can use to “Zap a buffet” anyime you want.  When we talked about what Grandma was eating for dinner tonight, Grace decided snails.  I was telling them yesterday that I had bought some escargot that I thought we should have, and told them that it was very fancy and a delicacy, so that must be a good thing if she is having that for dinner.

Andra then decided Lynnda is wearing a blue dress, covered with jewels and very flowing.  She has white shoes, and a white crown, and a white sparkly wand (for that buffet zapping).  Her wings are white, but have white, silver and gold glitter and sparkles.

I just hope she got the dress and the wings after she came through the mud puddle of heaven. 

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