This Week’s Headlines


Official start of snake season.  Neighbor called Phil and his shovel over to kick off the first snake sighting.  Don’t put in your order for a good belt – it got away.


Phil informs me that his good friend Mrs. America?  She won Mrs. World.  Go Girl.  Maybe we will see more of her, I mean besides Phil seeing her at the gym.  Working out, looking beautiful and not sweating.


Phil and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.  No way.  It seems like only yesterday that I was standing, waiting to walk down the aisle thinking “How did I get here?”  So it is even harder to believe that I have been married for 15 years.  Lucky for me I picked a really good man.


Mom’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday to the woman who gave me my birth day. 


Blogoversary – One year anniversary of my having enough free time to amuse myself online doing something that doesn’t involve the FASB.  Stay tuned for the celebration…

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