Who knew I had so much to say?

Well, it has been over a year since I embarked on a new jobstyle, which turns out to have had significant lifestyle impact as well.  And out of the quiet, dark, fertile earth of leisure grew Mostly Jenine

Turns out, I had a lot to say.  Some days I think I must be the most vain woman on the face of the planet, thinking you all want to read what my take on the world is.  But since I have an opinion on almost anything, and most of you have spent time working or playing with me, I guess you already knew that.  So maybe you aren’t terribly surprised.  Some times I worry that I am sharing a little too much, and that it will affect my ability to be President one day, or that some old stalker boyfriend will hunt us down (hypothetically speaking, I mean, if I ever had one.  Or two).  But since they already know where I am, and in the end, I really am not that interesting, I just put some controls on the site and stopped worrying.

Here is what happened on the blog this year (copying from
Jennie, yet again):

55,045      Word Count
186           Total Number of Entries
50             Average Number of Visits per Day
105           All Time High Visits Count (Monday, March 19)

The most popular entries, and most printed entries are a little weird to me, but here they are.

Most Popular –
Hey Jenine can I borrow your mom? / A change of heart / Kids and goats
Most Printed – Convergence 2006 / Good Training / The Road to Hell

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep it up.  Some days I wonder why you all keep coming back.  Most days, I am just glad you do – I feel like I am keeping in touch with some of my very favorite people, even if I don’t see you often.  The only thing that would be better, is if I really knew who was stopping by, and if every now and then, you had an anonymous way to tell me what YOU are up to (hello, it is called email…).   However, since I can’t tell you what to do, my esteemed readers, I will just have to keep telling you what I do.  Thanks for listening.

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2 Responses to Who knew I had so much to say?

  1. jennie says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I’m so glad that you started your blog – I love reading about your family, and through this site, I feel like I know everyone better than ever. It’s been a fun experience to share with you. Keep it up – I love knowing what you’re all up to every single day (or almost, anyway).

  2. Jack Sgarlata says:

    Congrats to you on your 15 years.Your blog is still AWESOME and like I said last year,I feel the connection and you’re 1700 miles away.The new picture of the girls just doesn’t cut it……2 very good lookinggirls,which by the way,came from theirparents…and you can’t hardly see their pretty faces!!Jack

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