Hypochondria Finds a Home

Grace, as I may have previously mentioned, is a bit of a hypochondriac.  Tonight she was playing word games with the word “antihistamine”.  She shouldn’t even know that word, but of course she does.

She frequents the nurses office.  She never feels well.  This poses the biggest problem when she actually doesn’t feel well, because I never believe her.  Last night at 11 PM she came down the hall yelling “I Puked!? and crying.  Even as she was getting back into the changed bed to get some rest she says “It could be a sickness, or just that I was coughing”.  And she was right.  She was coughing, and I think that was really the problem, but with Grace, there is always a chance that it is “a sickness”.

She has been perfect all day. Nary a sniffle or gag.  Now, its bedtime, and she is not feeling well.  Her head hurts.  So as I asked if she wanted to be over medicated, she looked up a little worried and said “Maybe it is that spring fever…”

Do I let her know that spring fever is a state of mind?

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