Braces, Bad Guys and Mexican Candy

Today, we paid a little fortune for the privilege of saving Andra’s front tooth.  She has a tooth that is stuck, and so she has to get 4 little ridiculously expensive brackets so it doesn’t get killed by the other tooth. Damned predatorial eye tooth.

Then we went to a grocery story to get some groceries, and I saw a guy tuck a carton of soy milk, or a bottle of yogurt under his shirt.  That kind of thing always irritates me.  As I muttered “you’ve got to be kidding me” I looked right at a store guy so I told him.  Of course the guy could be starving and really need that soy milk, but we were in the foothills, and he was well dressed so I am ruling out sheer hunger – we aren’t talking hurricane Katrina here, although it was quite windy today.

From there, we got a little Gelato to take the bad taste out of our mouths, and took some to Dad, too. 

After that, I was stuck.  I had told the girls that at lunch I went to “Food City” a grocery store chain that is low budget, and caters to the Hispanic population.  I stopped by at lunch to grab something, and was very impressed by the beautiful produce displays, and, of course, the Mexican candy.  Since we live in Tucson, and my kids go to the after school program, they are developing a taste for all kinds of weird Mexican candy – mango, and tamarind, and chile.  They love flaming hot Cheeto’s, and apparently, with a little
Chamoy, they are even better.  The eat Saladitos – that is right, salted, dried prunes with various nasty sauces made from mango and red chile.  So, we went there.  Andra spent her allowance for the week on bulk packages of Mexican candy, Chamoy and Cheeto’s.  I guess she will have to eat it all before April 30 when the brackets go on. Ay yi yi yi.

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