He’s leaving again, Jonathan.

Phil will be leaving us tomorrow, yet again.  Tax day?  Come and gone.  Back pain?  Not so much.  Unfortunately, while I was being construction assistant, and planter girl, he was busy getting himself hurt.  This may look like it is written in italics, but it is really a tribute to Phil’s current posture – the man can’t stand upright.  He moans (in pain) alot.  He has been to the urgent care.  He has had 2 massages, which I am certain he didn’t enjoy because he was in so much pain afterwards, that I had to go get him off the table and drive him home, sitting on the tailgate because it hurt to much to actually sit in the car.  Thank goodness the masseuse only lives next door.

So what is a guy to do?  Why, hop on a plane and go turkey hunting in Kansas, of course.  Isn’t that just what YOU would do if you could barely walk or stand? 

Bitter note:  If you have ever read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, an award winning and altogether fabulous kids book, you may recall my favorite line.  Sylvester wishes it would stop raining, and he says something like this “The rain did not just stop, it CEASED. It was as if rain had never existed.”  If you walked across my front porch, and looked for the 17 lantana plants I put in on Sunday, you might have the same reaction.  For about half of the plants, “The plants weren’t just eaten by rabbits and javelina, it was as if they plants never existed.”  Why do I bother?

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4 Responses to He’s leaving again, Jonathan.

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    Isn’t the healing power of nature wonderful!

  2. jennie says:

    I love that book, but I don’t think my kids are totally ready for it. The first time I read it to Martin was very upset and now he calls it “the bad book with donkeys” so we haven’t yet given it another shot.Long live the turkey!

  3. Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.

  4. I always say if the marathon is a part-time interest, you will only get part-time results.

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