A Walk in the Park

Phil is back.  And mostly upright.  It appears the pain of miserable muscles was isolated to the non-bow pulling variety.  He shot a turkey with his bow and arrow set on Friday.  Just a walk in the woods for a tough guy like Phil.

Grace lost a tooth.  She tried to get all of us to pull it for days, subjecting us to the nasty wiggling, and drooling and general tooth falling out ickiness.  Thank goodness, it finally came out on its own.  It’s just easier that way.


Andra got spacers for braces today, and they said her mouth might be sore.  Then, she took a ball to the face today.  Fat lip city.  At least she is not vain, she asked me to take a picture so she could see how fat her lip was. 

Me?  I just spent my afternoon in the park, watching a little ball practice.  I’m great.  This working mom thing?  A walk in the park.

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1 Response to A Walk in the Park

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    Andra…you look just like I did when I fell on my hike while in Tucson!

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