Life Line, Check.

Let’s revisit the life lines, shall we? 

Back in July 2006 I made a list – you know, important stuff I needed to do. 

Jenine’s List

Number 6? Down.  We went in November, but I forgot to mark it off. Check!!!

Number 7?  Down.  I played yesterday in a tournament.  Not only was I not the first one out, but I outlasted Phil.  Twice!  He got out, bought back in, and got out again.  I played for about an hour and a half, and finished about 24 of 44.  SO not the first one out.

I will keep working on the rest, but in the meantime, I am pretty sure you were all working on YOUR lists, too.  Report back, will you?

Survey:     A. You have written a list
                 B. You have written a list AND crossed something off.

(BTW, If it makes it easier for you all, you do realize you could write comments using an alias – that way the accounting/reputation police could never hunt you down.)

Now report already…

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