World Poker Tour, Fame and Celebrity

Reporter on the Scene, J*nine, reporting back from the Bellagio, World Poker Tour finals.  We had tickets, nay, VIP tickets, to watch the final table of the final 2007 season World Poker Tour.  It was way fun, and we will likely be on camera several times.  If you are watching the finals, red shirt, third row, behind Paul Lee or Tim.    I am SURE you will notice me… We went back Saturday for “Poker by the Book” filming, white shirt.  Front row.  We got free stuff, we shook hands with fabulous people, and the game went on and on and on, late into the evening. 

When they piled the cash on the table, $4.4 million dollars U.S. Currency in $100 bills, it was impressive.  Equally impressive, was the fact that there was no real security around it.  I guess I watch too much television, but Hello!  Can you say Robbery?

It is always fascinating to see into someone else’s life, and to learn new things and theorize.  I learned a lot about poker this weekend, and I theorized quite a bit about how your life would change if after a week of playing poker, you won $4.4 million.  Do you charter a jet home?  Do you go out to celebrate?  Can you conceive of it at all?  I guess I would like to see for myself, you know, purely out of journalistic interest.

I generally tried to overcome the conservative nature of our last trip, so I drank (a little) more, I definately gambled more (see next post), and I certainly ate more.  I shopped, too, and I partook of the spa.  It was a nice getaway, but I am glad to be home, where people wear clothes and my money stays in my pocket.  Well, mostly.

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9 Responses to World Poker Tour, Fame and Celebrity

  1. Jillian says:

    So did you actually think about how you could pull of a robbery or were you just thinking a robbery could happen? And if I was the winner of $4.4M after a week I would definitely be celebrating and taking a private jet home!!!!Glad that you had a great time and I will definitely be on the look out for you!

  2. Jacki says:

    Sweetie,Were you actually in a casino? Believe me, there was plenty of security. Perhaps not visible, but thugs are everywhere. They probably knew how much you had in your wallet.Jacki

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