WPT in pictures

Need a book signed by Daniel?  Phil did.

Want to ask the WPT to boot Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patton in favor of these two wunderkind?

I think we could make some serious waves. Phil could talk statistics, I could discuss the guy’s outfits, it would be great.  Kind of a WPT meets What Not to Wear.

At the Friday taping, one guy walked up to the final table with a huge bag.  He proceeded to unload 2 one liter water bottles, a frosty coffee drink, and then pulled the sweatshirt off his back and put it on the chair he would sit at.  He was wearing cargo pants and a Cirque de Soleil shirt.  I made a few wisecracks about how he was planning to stay a while, and that I hope that if he was gauche enough to wear a commercial T-shirt to the game that at least he asked them to pay him to wear it.   When they announced him?  Yea, Guy (the guy’s name was Guy – pronounced GEE) was only the  FOUNDER of Cirque de Soleil.  I guess that means he did get paid, in a way, to the tune of about $1 mil a day (per the rumor running around the studio).  About an hour in?  So wanted his coffee.  Two hours in?  Wanted the water.  Three hours in?  Really needed that sweatshirt.  I guess he is smarter than me in more ways than one.

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