Where have all the flowers gone?

And  when I say flowers I mean “my brain”, and when I say gone I mean “gone”.

I keep telling myself I am just tired, or that it is just in hibernation (brains do that, right?  They hibernate, and wait for spring, right?)  I just have been busy with work, and have had limited inspiration. 

As we were driving tonight, I was thinking about how you write a post saying you have nothing to write a post about.  I was also thinking about the possibility that when I am often certain I am right about something, that maybe I have early stage schizophrenia and am truly just wrong.

At that point, Andra said she had a “new” girl scout song to sing and started off…

“Ohhhh! An ostrich went yodeling, on a mountain so high.  When along came a grizzly bear interrupting his cry, ohhhh, yodel la he hoo, yodel e ay he hoo, yodel e ay he RAWR”. 

Now.  I know this song, it isn’t “new” and at first I started singing and said “I know this song”, to which she kept saying “Wait! It’s new!”  With a sly smile, I was sure I knew better.  But I admit it – after years of singing this song at camp, she had something new!  And in fact, it probably wasn’t new, but I honestly never remembered the ending.  So I learned something.  The good news? I took a deep breath and imagined I was still capable of being right, even if I forgot about the avalanche and hadn’t ever heard about the preacher.  The bad news? Could be early stage schizophrenia.

Finally, I apologize for those of you who know the song who can’t get the tune out of your head now.  To make it up to you, I will tell you that a couple years ago I finally thought to myself “Ostriches don’t yodel, what was that about?” So I googled it.  It is an AUSTRIAN who goes yodeling.  For those of you who were saying “I knew about the ostrich, I remember the avalanche, I am right”, admit it – you were just wrong.  In case you didn’t know that part,  maybe you are early stage too…  Just saying – whether you are singing camp songs or enduring early stage schizophrenia, it’s more fun when you don’t do it alone.

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3 Responses to Where have all the flowers gone?

  1. jennie says:

    I think I was a failure as a girl scout. I don’t remember EVER hearing that song.

  2. Coloric says:

    When they open the Egypt? I want to rest on the sea

  3. Badora says:

    I, too, is sometimes see, but somehow had not attached any importance to this.

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