Yee Ha!


Things are blooming in the desert.  The yellow waxy blooms of the prickly pear, the slick white of the saguaro flowers, the impressively delicate cirrus bloom.

And this week, the blue purple bloom of bruises on my saddle side.  We went back to the Tanque Verde Ranch for a family reunion this year, and it was epic holiday part 2.  We had a great time.  It was terribly relaxing.  The kids played baseball on the lawn and rode horses and made friends with each other. 

We took many pictures, some of which you will see in subsequent posts – some of them are too big to share a post with other photos. 

The one thing I didn’t get a photo of was my triumph over equine terror.  Last year, in an effort to impress my nephew Levi, and have him think I was cool, I took the intermediate lesson with him.  It was punishing, at best.  I hurt for weeks, and the colors that came out on my flesh were indescribable.  My ego was also bruised, because I just never got it.  I was totally out of control, and scared to death.  In case you are still not paying attention – out of control?  Not my thing.

This year, I decided there was no chance I would be trotting.  No chance I would be loping.   Day one? Everyone going for the intermediate lesson, including Phil, as a complete surprise.  And while the fear of being out of control on a horse, flying all over the place out of my stirrups getting black and blue was powerful, the desire to see Phil on a loping horse was stronger, so I took the lesson.  Phil did fine.  More surprisingly, so did I.  Cowboy Joe gave me the best tip of all, it turns out.  He taught us to ride like a drunk cowboy.  And while I wasn’t drunk, and I am not a cowboy, somehow that worked.  Remarkably, Levi told me that the best way to face your fears is to get on fear’s back and ride it, and it turns out, he was right.   Yee Ha!


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1 Response to Yee Ha!

  1. Charley says:

    Jenine – with all your “intermediate” horse training I would like to make you a proposition. Seems you would be well equipped to come to Montana and “break” a salty little paint filly for me! That would be a lot cheaper than me taking her to a trainer huh?

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