Summer Just Isn’t What it Used to Be.

Summer just isn’t what it used to be.  Now that summer is upon us, I think back on the lazy days of lying around, reading for days on end, spending hours in the hills.  Running carnivals for the neighborhood, acting out 1970s TV shows about black families for the neighborhood (we often picked Whats Happening).  

So it is a little traumatic to me when we launch off into summer, and my kids are committed to a program or school for the days of their summer.  Somehow, I think I want them to learn to be bored.  And to survive it.  To have some freedom to do nothing or something or nothing. 

Today, however, my opinion changed.  Today, we got the girls registration for their summer classes, where I let them pick the classes.  They  take these for six weeks each morning, then swim in the afternoons.

Andra’s choices:

   So you want to be a veterinarian
   Beginning Archery
   Lets Rock! Geology
   Beginning stained glass

Grace’s choices:

   Beginning Spanish
   Mickey Mouse Club
   ABC Come cook with me

And after today, where they lay around the house all day, watched too much T.V. and said “I’m bored!” over and over again, I have decided that bored and nothing are overrated in my mind.

To camp!

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1 Response to Summer Just Isn’t What it Used to Be.

  1. jennie says:

    I’d like to sign up for that camp, too.

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