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I see where you are coming from, Grace

This morning, in parentally monitored, but not necessarily sanctioned, view, Andra politely asked Grace if she could have two Mexican candy “Crayons” to take to school.  Grace offered Andra the candy in exchange for $1 per candy.  Andra agreed, and … Continue reading

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Recently Heard

Recently heard around our house:Grace:   “Violence is never the answer, Mom!”Context:   Vocal and physical disobedience rewarded with a finger flick to the head (not my proudest moment).  Followed immediately by hysterical laughter on my part in response to Grace’s indignant, Gandhi-esque response … Continue reading

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Hot Hot Hookey

Today, us girls played hookey.  It was a million degrees.  You see what our pool looks like.  So we went to the Breakers.  The last time I went was 21 years ago, which makes me feel a little agey.  It is … Continue reading

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Pool Party – Vol. 1

I know from looking at other people construction photos that they aren’t as exciting if they aren’t yours.  Too bad this is MY website.The progess this week – spray paint & then big deep hole!      

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New Camera Catch Up

I got a new camera and have been testing it out, unfortunately, it has taken me a while to get the computer to come along.Week in review – My father, and my girls father…Happy Fathers Day!

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Fourth Avenue Frolic

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No Karate

When Andra was in first grade, they offered karate at her school.  She wanted to go, and so we signed her up.  She loved the first day, and after that she developed a slow growing hatred of what Levi once … Continue reading

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