Sleep Light, or Inspiration from many places

Have you seen the commercials for Lunesta, the sleep aid?  I have.  Apparently, so has Grace. 

Tonight she came in to where I was and started to tell me a story.  What is remarkable to me is that she is so earnest, and so creative in her plagiarism, that I think she has earned the right to own HER version.

Mom, do you believe in Lunesta?  Some people don’t.  But Lunesta is a beautiful butterfly, who is light green, and she glows in the dark.  She was born by accident.  Her mother was supposed to have 17 eggs, but she had 18.  One egg was much bigger than the other eggs.  When Lunesta hatched, she flew away from her mother, and up to the moon.  Someone saw her, and brought her back to earth and set her on a flower petal.  Her wings were tired but she was not hurt, and she was glowing.  The moon healed her, and gave her the power to help people sleep.  She can never be out in the morning, because the brightness will kill her glow.

Lunesta flies around when it is night, and she lands on flower petals outside a house, and all the people in that house will have no bad dreams, and will sleep with no bad aches.

So I ask you.  go to the link.  Regard the butterfly.  Can you see how the fact that she can see a commercial for a sleeping pill, with that glowing butterfly and instantaneously come up with this elaborate story, with no other motivation, would concern me? Her creativity is amazing, but her ability to come up with a plausible explanation for everything can only lead to trouble.  I am going to look for Lunesta so I can still sleep tonight in spite of this knowledge. Grace says Lunesta comes around about 8 each night.  Do you see her?

** Final note.  Grace is reading over my shoulder as I write this and is hostile in her corrections of my factual errors.  Great.  She is a perfectionist too.  Where is that Lunesta?

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1 Response to Sleep Light, or Inspiration from many places

  1. Kathy says:

    She is incredible, I love her story!

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