Hot Hot Hookey

Today, us girls played hookey.  It was a million degrees.  You see what our pool looks like.  So we went to the Breakers.  The last time I went was 21 years ago, which makes me feel a little agey.  It is much more annoying when it is hot and you are old enough to expect more than one cashier at the entrance, non-disaffected youth at each consumer outlet and shade, yes SHADE.  The last time I went I was probably interested in working on my tan.  So Cool!  The waves in the pool!  Whoa, waterslide!  and Hee Hee Hee, look at the cute boys!  As a disaffected youth myself, at that time, it was a pretty awesome place.

Today, it was fun, but mostly just real hot. 

It did give me a chance to try out my new swimsuit.  For my male readers, just look at the photos because this will bore you. For the women out there, I swear it is the best suit and I don’t care if we all show up wearing it, because it is that good.  For those of us who stood in the personality line and not the swimsuit model/plastic surgeon’s office line, this suit has it all.  Coverage.  Cleavage (if you stood in that line). Plus, it is Lucky Brand, so it makes me feel hip to wear it. It is crazy expensive, I warn you, but even better in real life than in the photo.  Check it out (on someone else, of course).

The nymphs:


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3 Responses to Hot Hot Hookey

  1. peg denny says:

    I have another suggestion for the big boned girls…. the Trim Shaper. No tummy to be found here. There is a little bit of a learned skill to pulling it on, but the results are fabulous!!! Less than $60 @ Kohls 🙂

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    The Skill part sounds scary, but I like the rest! Good to hear from you!

  3. peg says:

    we really should have lunch- it would be shame for the trim shaper not to be put to good use.

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