Pool Party – Vol. 1

I know from looking at other people construction photos that they aren’t as exciting if they aren’t yours.  Too bad this is MY website.

The progess this week – spray paint & then big deep hole!


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5 Responses to Pool Party – Vol. 1

  1. peg again says:

    Is that a pool or an addition to the breakers? You should post the dimensions (a bazillion gallons?).

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    Ok, seriously, it is not that big, but it sure looks huge. I think it is 18000 gallons? We went 4 5 6, where you went 4 5 4, right? But really. A bazillion. Get real.

  3. Looks really good, did you end up digging it yourself? We my mom wanted a pond in her back yard me and my brother-in-law rented a bobcat and when to town. We ended up making a large pond about the size of a small swimming pool, lol. but it worked out really well and saved us some money.

  4. tvanten says:

    Who knows when America’s presidential election?

  5. concertus says:

    Why should I live?

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