Swimming in it…

I think all of Tucson celebrates with me today – it appears the monsoons have started!  Tucson gets seasonal monsoon rains and it is the only thing that saves you from the punishing heat.  The downside, of course is that we now have punishing heat and humidity – it is no longer a dry heat – but we are all so giddy for the rain that we don’t care. 

The added benefit for us is that so far it has saved me one of the “waterings” – turns out when you put in a pool you have 5 days where you have to water it every couple hours.  Yesterday, the monsoons did the watering.

Here it is in the steel phase, and the concrete phase.  Coming soon – tile and rock work.

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2 Responses to Swimming in it…

  1. jennie says:

    I’m jealous of everything but the heat. Of course, it’s going to be 96 here today w/ 90% humidity, so it’s not like it’s cool here either. And we don’t have a pool, even one in progress.

  2. Looks like you are going to have an amazing pool, that should for sure beat the heat. At my house we have a good sized pond that we normally have to fill up every few days. This year has been really bad since it has been really dry here this year.

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