And the Beat Goes On

This year has been an extraordinary one for us as it relates to close family leaving us.  Phil’s Dad last August, Phil’s Mom in April, and now my Dad.  And while we have learned that you need to give yourself a lot of time for grief, we have also all learned that you have to keep going. 

This time that wasn’t a problem.  Last Friday, everyone came over here for dinner.  Saturday was Grace’s birthday party – 12 kids and a science guy.  He was great – making lightning, and fire and limitless cotton candy.

Sunday, then, was Grace’s actual birthday, and we had to pack up the girls (Andra, Grace and cousin Kara) to go spend a week in the mountains at Girl Scout camp.  All in all, it was pretty good timing for them to be busy and out of our way, and another reminder to us all that you just keep going.

This week I have spent most of the days with my sisters, in between dealing with the massive projects at work that I scheduled for the week the girls were gone, and it has been good, in spite of the stress and high anxiety with the issues at hand.  Every day I wake up determined to just keep going, and somehow, it is already Friday again. 

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