Circle of Light(ning)

We drove just under 2000 miles in the last 5 days, in a lopsided circle around the four corners area.  It felt like we were just driving around in a big storm system, maybe because we were.  The lightning followed us, brilliantly illuminating the mesas leading into monument valley, drenching us at Phil’s brothers beautiful new home on the side of a mountain in Colorado, soaking us after our “local flavor” tour of a local silver mine.  It was clear and beautiful the day we stood on a hilltop overlooking the continental divide to set Lynnda’s ashes to the wind.  Then it launched back into sheets of rain and streaks of bright white lightning to make our journey home more exciting than I would have liked.

However, we made it home safely, and we don’t have a funeral this weekend.  Life is Good.

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  1. In my freshman year in high school, I went to the only public high school in Boston with a theatre program.

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