FI, a case study

My sisters and I coined a condition – FI, otherwise known as Focus Issues.  It turns out, it is exacerbated by grief.  I have a pretty bad case, and since I generally pride myself on being in control, and having my brain be engaged, it is a little distressing.

I have done some pretty dumb things, and forgotten some basic information.  Put the trash in the recycle bin, But tonight, I discovered the best example yet.  I needed to write a check for lunch money, yes, school started TODAY.  So I grabbed my checkbook, complete with my new packet of checks that I pulled out of the safe.  Wrote a few checks.  When I picked it up to write the check, I realized it was not my check.  That’s right, I have been writing checks on Phil’s bank account.  How do you pick up a box of checks for someone else and write checks without noticing that it isn’t even your checkbook? 

FI.  That’s how.  It is kind of fun to wonder what I’ll do next… 

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1 Response to FI, a case study

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    Forget the FI…what’s better than writing checks on someone else’s account?

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