Seep Anda

One night, long ago, when Grace was about 18 months old, she refused to go to bed.  She kept whining and repeating something and squirming.  Eventually, I realized she was trying to tell me something. You know, kind of like every Lassie movie where the dog barks and barks and scratches at the door for half an hour and you are thinking Hello! Someone!  Lassie has something to show you!  So I put her down and said, “What!?!?! Gracie!  Show Mommy.” 

And repeating the same phrase, “Seep Anda.  Seep Anda.  Mommy, Seep Anda.” she walked out of her room, into Andra’s room, crawled up on Andra’s bed and said “Seep Anda.”  Ah.  Sleep.  With Andra.  And from that moment on, for the next 18 months Andra and Grace shared one twin bed.  Don’t call the authorities, they had 2 beds, but they always slept together.  On top of each other.  Rolling around over each other.  Breaking apart chocolate bars and melting them on each other (on one clearly unsupervised evening).

Last night they were partners in crime, and it was a small crime, but they were sequestered in Andra’s room.  So the pulled out the trundle, and Grace bunked in.  Seep Anda.  As much as they have been fighting lately, I was glad to see them back together, even if it was uniting against a common enemy (me).  Seep Anda.

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1 Response to Seep Anda

  1. jennie says:

    could you add a cot in Andra’s room for Sophie? I’m pretty sure she’d sleep better if she could stay with the girls, too.

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