A fine layer of dust

I am surrounded by construction, it seems, and the offshoot of the construction is that there is a fine layer of dust everywhere I turn.  In my office, on my back porch, on my last blog entry, and sifting into my mind.  Everything is moving – furniture at home, furniture at the office, the entire contents of Dad’s house.  I am reliving many days of my childhood after finding all kinds of treasures at Dad’s – old report cards, my fake i.d., notes and pictures.  Both girls started Girl Scouts this week, and as a result I have also spent a lot of time thinking about the fun from my Campfire Girl days.  In some ways, my mind is sharp and these memories are so clear, and in some ways I feel like that dust, that damned swirling dust that is everywhere, is clouding my judgment and perception.  I realized today that I can only say “It’s just not like me” so many times before I realize it must be like me – if I keep doing it, it must be me, right?

Thank goodness my whirling dervishes spin faster than the dust – they create a little vacuum or buffer from it all.  Andra is so grown up and sparked a very lively dinner conversation about our favorite fruits (Andra – Pineapple, Grammy – Apple, Phil – Apple, Jenine – Raspberry, and Grace – All the fruits).  But we did clarify that this only applies to the actual fruit, not the fruit flavor.  Grace is so full of knowledge, and led us next into some detailed bit of information about how babies grow from an egg that hatches inside their moms – that is how ALL mammals have babies.  I joked about how full of knowledge she was, and she responded “Well I have a whole bunch more where that came from, mammals, whales, the ear, dinosaurs, the planets.  What do you want to know?”

So, here is what I want to know.  I want to know why Grace cares more about reproduction and puberty than Andra does (Grace asked what puberty was at dinner the other night, and now with the hatching eggs complete with arm movements of growing).  I want to know when we will find anyone who needs any of Dad’s stuff – like a car, or a motorcycle, TVs, furniture or maybe even a house.  And finally, and most important to my self image as a can do, tireless woman of mass accomplishment, when will the dust settle, and when will I really be ready for it to?

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2 Responses to A fine layer of dust

  1. Kathy says:

    Time, give it to yourself. There is no deadline to complete everything with your Dad’s house, don’t try to move too fast. I wish I had taken more time with my parents house and contents but I did have a deadline. I do have a cedar chest filled with memories that I have yet to go through (years later) but I know when the time is right it will be an enjoyable experience.

  2. Swordwind says:

    To be or not to be?

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