I have been a little busy.  Ok,  a lot.  I have been a little distracted.  Ok, a lot.

We are getting ready for the estate sale this weekend, and it is alot of work.  Plus, I have work.  And PTO.  My phone is ringing constantly these days.

I do see things to go on about, and of course I am thinking all the time, but my thoughts may seem a little morbid if you aren’t in my world right now.  Phil and I have developed this sick sense of humor that I am not sure I am ready to share with you (for your sake, not mine).

So I will leave you with this small thing that provides me great joy these days.  T.K. (the cat) is the funniest beast.  Each day, she drags a bag of napkins somewhere.  She is like a dog.  She chases her tail, and she drags the napkins.  Each day we put it on the counter. Monday, my room, Tuesday, Andra’s room.  Today?  The walk in closet.

Thank heavens for the little things.

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