Living on the Front Lines

I live in a battle zone.  I am waging a war against stuff.  I know I am not alone in feeling that I could walk in circles around my house all day moving things and putting things away.  Picking up.  Washing.  Putting away.  Picking up.  Washing. Putting away.

In the past, I have harbored buckets of shame – laundry baskets of the stuff I need to put away but can’t get to.  The buckets of shame have become entire rooms of shame this month.  As I work to deal with Dad’s house, I am afraid mine has suffered.   Right now, Grace’s room is totally winning the war.  How can this:

Make something like this:


Of course I know it is excess – just too much stuff.  When we moved to California, we had to take a written driving test, and they had a question – What causes gridlock?  Their answer was “Inattention”.  My answer was “Too damned many people on the road”.  I think when it comes to bedrooms they are both true.  Inattention AND too much stuff cause bedroom carpet gridlock.  I think the problem may be that the traffic is so bad, I can’t even see the front line, much less hold it. 

The only thing we can seem to find in Grace’s room is the money the tooth fairy leaves under the pillow – as you can see, the tooth fairy?  We’re on her regular route.

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4 Responses to Living on the Front Lines

  1. Jill says:

    I can relate. I’m locked in an endless battle with the dining room table. Everyone else in my house seems to think that the dining room table is a great place to leave their: mail, socks, deodorant, backpacks, phone messages, food wrappers. Since we never eat in our dining room, I think the kids believe that the dining room table is just another name for “large, flat surface for assorted crap.”

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    I used to think they staged the messy rooms and cluttered tables in Clean Sweep on TLC – now I believe. 🙂

  3. sophie says:

    Grace – where your teeth? I can help you find them.

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