Sweet Gifts

Tomorrow is Halloween.  I am sure you are aware of this.

So tonight, we carved pumpkins.  Just before we cracked the shells and slimed out the seeds (which we proceeded to cover in way too much butter and salt for roasting) we got an envelope with Jennie’s Halloween CD.  So we carved to the monster mash, which was outstanding. 

When we finished, I pulled out a gift from a coworker of pulled pork (he is a barbecue guy) and had a great dinner that someone else made.  All the homework is done.  The costumes set out.  Pumpkins carved, and in a final bold move, sugar skulls completed.

We make sugar skulls every year – it is a day of the dead tradition we have adopted, being from this part of the country.  The sugar forms rock hard, and you ice it.  It is messy.  And weird.  And totally fun.

Skulls away!


Today was full of sweet gifts.

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1 Response to Sweet Gifts

  1. jennie says:

    I love Day of the Dead things – thanks for reminding me. We’ll have to do some projects tomorrow. I’m super jealous about the sugar skulls, they look terrific.Glad you like the music – enjoy!

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