Marines for Halloween

Grace was a cat.  Meow.  Andra wanted to surprise me.  And she did.  She was a Marine.

We trick or treated in Phil’s old neighborhood, and it was fun to see how times change.  Grace was in costume and in character – she meowed and leaped through the neighborhood.  Andra couldn’t tell me why she wanted to be a Marine, but when was a good one and Phil was ecstatic to see her in camo. 

There were quite a few older girls, wandering the streets in fishnets and underwear talking about how they just got expelled and were trying to get into charter schools.  It was such a contrast to our sweet little kitty and valiant Marine.  One of our co-trick or treaters commented that their costumes were very inappropriate and I could only think of the costume I wore the year I trick or treated on the edge – you know, a little too old to be out but not wanting to be too old.  I was a clown.  The costume fit over my regular clothes and covered me from neck to ankles, and I made a big clown face.  We trick or treated way too long, and in the apartments down the street, and filled our pillow cases until we collapsed at someone’s house and watched bootleg Benny Hill (for the record – I didn’t get why we weren’t allowed to watch it, but then again, I still don’t understand that show).  I remember feeling dangerous, and a little wild. 

I can’t imagine that day, just around the corner, when my kids go trick or treating without me.  I just hope when they do, that I can find that clown costume – and sell it to them.  And I hope they feel trick or treating at 14 is a little on the edge, and not that they are entitled to it.  Finally, it goes without saying that I hope they would rather go trick or treating as clowns than as hookers.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

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1 Response to Marines for Halloween

  1. jennie says:

    I read this kind of fast, and at first I thought that you were out trick or treating in fishnets. I thought, geez Jenine, couldn’t you have at least changed out of your work clothes before you went out?

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