Why Grace Can’t Clean Her Room

Tonight I tried something new.  I try all kinds of things to encourage Grace to clean her room – everything from requests, to demands to outright bribes.  We have the “superfast cleanup” program, where you have a timed event and you run around and clean as fast as you can.  We have the “No allowance if your room is not clean” program.  We have the mommy yelling maniacally approach.

Tonight we tried the 60 second game.  You pick one thing – just one thing, like books or trash or clothes.  You get 60 seconds, and you go.  It’s only 60 seconds after all – who can’t pick up for that long? My wisdom was that generally if she applies herself, it would only take a couple minutes to clean her room, but the distraction factor totally derails us. 

Tonight was no exception.  I don’t think we were finished with the second 60 second round (the trash round, in case you were wondering), before Grace came up and said “Hold still. I just want to be real close to you for a second.”  This is a dangerous game.  I had just previously seen her blowing up the whoopee cushion so I suspected foul play.  I was definitely surprised, then, when I pressed up very close to try and whoopee the whoopee cushion, and got no sound.  I released the hug, and yet, I went nowhere.  Grace had tied me to herself with a scarf.

At which point she said “We’re a solid! We are molecules that are stuck together, and so we are a solid.”  After a few seconds of hugging as a solid, she loosened the scarf, and started running in a circle around me, erratically wiggling in the process.  “And now we’re a liquid!” At which point I started playing along, giving up on the clothes round.  Shortly thereafter, I was fully released, and we became a gas.  

In more ways than one, I suspect.

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