Jenine’s Holiday Picks

As a public service, and because according to a recent article about blogging, I am so vain and narcisstic that I think you all care what I have say (and if you believe in everything you read – contributing to the fraying of societal fabric with my selfishness), I am offering you my


My favorite gift for anyone – the Pottery Barn Paperweight with a weighty message – it says “Never, never, never give up”.  And it’s sterling.  Adds a little class to any desktop, don’t you think? 

Best Reasonable Cost Kids Gift – for the varmints over 8 (or supervised regular kids).  Klutz Capsters.  It’s a craft.  It’s recycling for those pesky extra bottlecaps after a night of heavy drinking.  It’s an art.  Even grown ups like them… or so I’ve heard. 

Best Inspirational Book for the Season – God Went to Beauty School by Cynthia Rylant  And He makes Spaghetti.  And buys stuff at Pottery Barn (maybe the paperweight?).  What’s not to love?


For your Aging Girlfriends – Think spackle for your lines and wrinkles and pores, otherwise known as Photo Finish by Smashbox.  I keep not telling people about this amazing stuff and when they find it and tell me I am all “Oh yea, I meant to tell you about that” which makes me look like I wanted to have this secret so I looked better next to everyone else who doesn’t know what a good foundation primer can do, but like I totally don’t mean it that way…

  Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Best Movie – Anything with Audrey.  Andra and I have been watching all the Audrey Hepburn movies lately, and I just think they are such good entertainment.  Good, clean fun for the whole family.  Roman Holiday is still my favorite.  But if you want something more NOW, I am in love with Meet the Robinsons.  I have a big head and tiny arms!  (see Jennie – I do movie quotes too…)

And finally, the coolest stuffed animal to hit the streets for kids (and some grown ups) – Webkins.  That’s right, a real stuffed animal that hooks you up to the internet via a secret code where you then have a virtual animal too.  Yu have to take care of the virtual pet, and you can play educational games and send and receive messages to your “friend” webkins. 

Best yet?  All available from the couch!  Happy shopping…

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