Happy Camper

Today I spent the day at camp with the fourth grade.  We took a nature hike.  Then I taught Botany for Beginners – plants, flowers, photosynthesis – the works.  We grilled hot dogs, and saw a snake and then went back to school.

I had a wonderful day, I have to admit.  I haven’t been at the girls school very much over the last two years, and today I realized how much I have missed it.  I have had high stress at work lately, and it was good to spend a day doing things I love – hiking, talking and eating. I really need a vacation, and it feels like it has been a really long time since I have had one (probably because it has been).  When I asked Phil about what he did this year, in preparation for the annual holiday broadcast, his summary was this:  “I shot a bobcat, and people died.”  And since that sums it up, there wasn’t a lot of R&R for me this year.  

I don’t believe we are entitled to a life of pleasure and leisure, but today?  Today was pretty close to a perfect day. 

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