tidings to you all

Ho Ho Ho and happy holidays to you all.  The season is not only upon us, it has run us over, blazed a trail for our house and started burning our decorations.   This season is HOT. We have a pine explosion at our house – superficially I overdecorated because we held my company holiday party here and I needed to show off.  Emotionally, I figure if I overspend on decorations and get carried away, we will feel better about the holidays this year. 

For the record, the holiday party was great until my pine boughs caught on fire.  Good times.  The feeling better part is kind of working. 

We are trying to catch up on shopping and Christmas cards by the glow of the tree and the flaming pine boughs, and in spite of running out of checks, getting my credit card turned off and being tired and a little sad this season, we are really enjoying it.  Really.  We are.

The girls are about as great as they could be – Andra has lost 3 teeth, lost a retainer and become a mystery of science.  We saw the curvy back doctor and she has an unusual combination of a short leg, right curving scoliosis and a malformed rib cage on the left side.  Phil’s first question when I told him was whether I showed the doctor my freaky rib cage.  I think that was a compliment.

Grace is thoughtful and spunky – she has called most of our family members to get a gift list and if you don’t give her an answer, she just makes one up.  Warning – have a list. 

I wish you the best of this holiday season – and I wish you every moment of holiday cheer.  The eggnog, a little too much red wine.  Some cookies, any kind.  A fire in the fireplace (and maybe on the mantel too).  Touch it.  Taste it.  Smell it.

Any way you can, live it. 

We will be living it at my Mom’s, so we may be abandoning you next week, but I promise, Everything will Be Ok.  The season will take care of you.

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