Santa On A Bike

Today, while driving home from a little holiday shopping I swear we passed Santa on a bike, headed straight for the mall.  It wasn’t some fat guy on a bike in a red suit, it was a little more like the day I saw Jesus on the Street– he was incognito.  So, you may wonder, how did I know it was Santa? 

It was an old red bike – the kind with upright handlebars, and he had a big white beard (that was part of the giveaway).  He had a little boiled wool cap, but more like a pulled down pill box hat than a skull cap.  It was very jaunty, and the kind of workmanship you don’t see around here, at least not on some guy who is riding a bike because he can’t afford a car or driver.  It is quite likely that elves were involved in making such a hat. 

He was pedaling with purpose, but not Lance Armstrong purpose – just riding to the mall as if he didn’t have a spare moment, but not so fast that he wasn’t looking around a little, enjoying the chance to be in Tucson this time of year.

I guess it looks like Jesus isn’t the only one mingling with the mortals from time to time – maybe it was just a reminder to us to be nice, and look busy.  I once saw a man in a T shirt that said “Jesus is coming – look busy”.

A good reminder, and not hard to do this time of year.  Throw an extra handful of change in the Salvation Army bucket this week (the be nice part) – but do it coin by coin so it takes a while (the look busy part).  Just a suggestion, in case Santa is riding by.

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