It’s so Bright and Shiny!

Hello 2008! 

There is something so wonderful about a new year – everything seems so bright and shiny, even if it is a little cold in the new year.  When I woke up it was a whopping 42 degrees in the camper – which I got up to a big 44 by making coffee.  I broke down and turned on the heater for Grace, since Andra and Phil left at 5 to go scouting, and that got us to 54 before we just went outside and went for a walk to warm up. 

When Grace woke up, she recovered her cold cash left by the tooth fairy for that tooth that FINALLY came out at dinner last night after what seems like months of wiggling.  I think Tony’s plan may have worked – he explained to Grace that she wanted to lose it on the 31st since the Tooth Fairy’s budget year starts on January 1 so there might be a bigger prize.  Turns out, he was right!  She got $2 – twice the going rate!  

Andra went off with the boys to glass for pigs and scout – she is a whole person all her own, wearing camo, shooting bows with the boys.  She is going back on Thursday night to spend a couple more days with them.  I may have already lost her…

Phil is out with Team Javelina for the rest of the week, scouting, eating well and hunting.

As for me, I already feel the new year desire to organize, and start something new.  I haven’t made a true resolution in years, but this year, I am thinking of a few.  After I get all these infernal pine boughs out of here and sweep and vacuum, and clean up all the candy and festive treats I am going to work out my list of self-improvements. 

If you have any suggestions let me know…

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