Cookies Anyone?

Tagalongs® or Peanut Butter Patties®Yesterday was THE day!  That’s right, the first day my first time Girl Scouts could sell Girl Scout cookies. 

Online sales are not permitted, but I consider this more like sending an email to friends.

You see, for most of you there is no chance you will buy cookies from us, since there is no way I am delivering to your remote locations.  However, the girls have an out for you…

The girls are members of an elite organization called “The Conservation Club”.  They have set out, with the presidential leadership of the neighbor, Anna, to save the world.  Their projects are local and far reaching.  Their agendas global and small scale (today’s assignment was to come up with a theme song).  Their current project, however, actually involves girl scout cookies.

Our girl scout council is teaming up with a local moving company to support the average Joe (that’s you) in sending cookies to the troops.  For the price of a box of cookies, the moving company will package, pallet and deliver all the cookies we can “sell” to the Air Force base, and the Air Force base will fly them overseas.  Put this grand mission together with the fact that the neighbor’s Dad Dale just got orders to redeploy to Iraq, and TROOP TO TROOP (Get it, Brownie troop to THE troops?) is the Conservation Club’s hot project.

Cookies are $4 a  box.  If you want cookies for yourself or the troops, email, and I will add them to the list and you can mail me a check.  Tucson’s goal is 250,000 boxes, but we will  be happy with 25.  Who knows, maybe Dale will even get some once he joins up with his troop. 

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