Friday. Thank God Its Friday, Friday, Friday FRIDAY

I am hoping you can hear the tune in your head, but in case you can’t, you can hear it here…

We have had a good week.  No mice were eaten.  We did end up with a sick day (Grace and I), and we have minimal groceries, but we are hanging out on a Friday with some Target boxes of wine (me) and too much TV time (the girls).  For everyone I have told that the Target Cab Shiraz is a good wine, I am sorry.

I have had a hard time getting inspired to blog lately, since I am trying so hard for the monumental, I think.  So tonight, you are getting the mundane.

First of all, I have to say “The Blond Thing Did Not Work!”.  In the event you are not a fan of “Earth Girls are Easy”, the all time classic film with Geena Davis where she finds a space ship in her swimming pool, this is a classic line where Geena dyes her hair blond to try and rekindle the flame with her boyfriend.  A big thanks to Aunt Sue for the Troop to Troop cookie order, but for the other 354 hits to my site this week, BUY SOME COOKIES already.  I do not have time to walk around the neighborhood, and that would mean I had to actually act friendly to the neighbors.  That is Michelle’s job.

Second of all, our new favorite show is tonight.  After the whole MRS America thing, we LOVE Miss America Reality Check.  It’s on in just an hour or so…  If you haven’t seen it, basically TLC (the Learning Channel) is giving the entire pageant and all 52 big haired, high stepping contestants a makeover.  It is SO fun.

Finally, for now, we are going to spend our weekend tidying up, throwing more stuff out, walking the neighborhood (if you all don’t come through), and working on school projects.  Delightfully mundane.

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