Darmak and Jalad, at Tenagra

There was a time that I can almost not remember, when Phil and I became trekkies.  The new kind.  And there was this one episode where the Enterprise crew had to communicate with a planet where their entire language was based on analogy to historical stories.  It took the crew FOREVER to figure that out, and then they had to go back and try and understand the whole history of the planet to understand that Darmak and Jalad were warring leaders, and at Tenagra, they came to peace accord.

I realized today that I use these types of analogies all the time, and they are often a reflection of the pathetic example I set for my children.  We watch a couple shows that are borderline inappropriate – but that we love too much to give up.  Tonight, as Grace was giving me the plan for the weekend which included a trip to Michaels’ to get art supplies to make her GATE project, I reminded her that she needed to plan her project first.  So I said “It’s just like Project Runway, where they sketch for a half hour before they go to Mood.”  She totally got it, but I realized most people overhearing us would have no idea what we are talking about.

The best part about these types of analogies, I guess, is that you can use parts of them in public and they are funny to you, and not to anyone else – Phil and I have many of these.  One of our favorites is “Carolina League” – for when some outrageous and inappropriate outfit walks by.  Taken, of course, from Bull Durham when Kevin Costner heatedly barks at Susan Sarandon “Who dresses you?  Don’t you think that is a little much for the Carolina Leagues?”

They are everywhere, these analogies, and I guess that is part of being a family – understanding each other’s stories so you relate to each other in a way no one else can. And, of course, make fun of other people without them knowing.  That too.

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2 Responses to Darmak and Jalad, at Tenagra

  1. Phillip says:

    Great Post! Just to confirm that the effect of our inappropriate use of television is complete. As I ate my breakfast, Grace set the timer on the microwave and informed me that it was her time to sketch because just like on Project Runway she had a limited time to sketch her design before she went to buy her supplies. Thank goodness that we have TV to teach us how we should do things.

  2. automas says:

    My dog is sick (((

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