She’s gonna be just fine

Grace has always picked on Andra.  She is REALLY good at it.  Andra takes it all to heart, and usually ends up in pieces because Grace says the cat doesn’t like her, or Jesus isn’t in her heart.  Like clearly, Grace would know those things.  Andra even once said to Grace, sobbing, “Grace, pick on someone your own size!”

I have tried to emphasize to Andra that overreacting is just what keeps Grace going, and she should try and just brush it off.  For the first time, I think Andra will be just fine.

Grace: Andra, you are an Auto.
Me:      An auto?  Andra, you are a car.
Andra: That’s ok, I’m a pretty Mustang.
Grace:  No, an Otto, it’s a monkey.
Andra:  Monkeys are cool.
Grace:  No, you’re like that monkey with a pink bottom.
Andra:  I think those are the coolest ones.  They’re kind of pretty.
Grace:  Maybe you’re more like an Orangatan
Andra:  Well that’s even better.  I like Orangatans.


Grace: Did you know Orangatans eat their own poop?


Andra: It looks just like chocolate cake.  What’s the difference?

the girl’s gonna be fine.

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2 Responses to She’s gonna be just fine

  1. Gail says:

    What is it about second children? – they have this innate ability to needle their older sibling in a way no one else can. Sophie is particularly skillful at that. I think we could be highly entertained by getting our two second children together and seeing who can out-needle who! So, let’s try to do that… maybe next week? We are coming to Tucson!! We will arrive late the 6th (that’s NEXT WEDNESDAY!!) and are staying until about the 17th. Can we get together?? We have SOOOO much to catch up on. ~g

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    BABE! Absolutely. I am out of town M and T – to which my reaction was the same as yours – That’s MONDAY!But will be safely back in Tucson W and would LOVE to see you. None of this half the kids are sick or tired business. Dinner. Our house.

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