Restaurant Ready

Andra was born ready.  Restaurant ready, that is.  We dragged her to any restaurant from practically the day she was born.  She was a natural.  Considerate of our dining schedule.  Well behaved.

Grace? Not so much.  Not only is she loud and distracting, but it rubs off on every other kid around.  She has to go to the bathroom ten times. Plus, she is what Phil and I call the Tori Amos of the dining table.  Tori Amos is a singer and musician who doesn’t sit straight on the piano bench but straddles it, or stands, or sits on the side, or stands. That is how Grace eats.  With a tricky dance move every couple minutes, between bites.

Last night, I picked the girls up. I told them we were going to dinner at a nice restaurant. They were excited. We ordered fancy grown up food.  Everyone behaved. We had lively conversation.  Every time anyone came to the table, Grace asked them a question about whether there was cream in the orzo, or how they infuse vanilla into the creme brulee. 

Best of all, Phil knows the owners and he got the owner to take Grace and Andra to the kitchen to meet the chef (Coolest!).

It struck me.  We are all Restaurant Ready.  It felt like a really big thing.

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1 Response to Restaurant Ready

  1. jennie says:

    It IS a big thing and very exciting. It gives me hope that someday our takeout days will be over.

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