Some Days More Than Others

Some days we forget. 

Yesterday I was talking to Julie and she asked if we could fit someone extra in our Rodeo boxes.  We get box seats for the Rodeo and there are 4 seats per box, and we have 2 boxes. I told her I didn’t know, since we already have 5 people in our box, to which she asked “Who are your five?”.  I unconsciously responded “Well, the four of us and Dad.”  Really.  That is who always sits in our box.

Today, someone asked me (ok, it was Beth) if our phones would text message, to which I responded “Yes, I will send you a message.”  When I got in to the texting messages I saw there was already an unsent message.  From Grace.  To my Dad.  It said “Have fun in Heaven Boppy.”  She sent it this weekend, because she just wanted to see if she could send him a message. 

Maybe she can ask him if he got it when he shows up at the Rodeo.

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