It Comes A Round

Last night, in case you weren’t paying attention, there was a Lunar eclipse.  We made a celebration of it in the new backyard, which, consequently ROCKS.

We had the neighbors over, and Phil set up the binoculars just in time for the cloud cover to block the eclipse. We saw the first half – from full moon to no moon, but then we had to refocus on another circle – the fire pit.

This is the second time we have fired up the campfire and roasted marshmallows.  It turns out s’mores taste just as good in the back yard as they do at camp.  We haven’t figured out what kind of wood to burn so that the whole house doesn’t end up smelling like a camp site but it turns out that’s ok.  It just feels like we are on vacation with a really nice camper. 

I guess after all the delays, and completing the pool just in time for it to be too cold to actually use it (we still haven’t been in it), I can still say that we love the backyard.  I am sure we will having camp fires all the time, and now I just need to keep stocked up on the marshmallows and graham crackers.

In my Christmas letter, I noted that we would leave the pool light on if you wanted to come over – but I will amend that to say we will keep the home fires burning.

** Side note.  If you did not receive one of my self possessed Christmas letters for 2007, and would like one, please let me know.  I overshot this year and I am looking a box full of leftovers, which just makes me feel sad.  Email me your address at if you want to make me happy (er).

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