Yesterday we went to the Rodeo and the weather was lovely.  We came back, had dinner, roasted marshmallows (Some day that will get old, but not yet!) and opened presents.  It was Julie’s birthday.

The funny thing about the Rodeo, is that when the girls were babies, and squirmy, it always seemed like the Rodeo lasted forever.  Up for the bathroom, up for snacks.  Sneaking under the box seat bars and running away.  Whining.  Sleeping.  Up for snacks.  SO tired when it was over and totally ready to come home.

Yesterday, it was over before we knew it.  We ate the roasted corn, and corn dogs.  Popcorn, Hard Lemonade, Beer – all the staples.  We got there an hour early to watch the Mutton Busting (kids rodeo) and it still seemed to fly by.  If this is how it is going to go, I think I am going to have to practice not blinking so I don’t miss the next 10 years.  Fortunately, the girls are all still fun enough for the face painting.  It set off all of our sunburns very nicely, thank you very much.

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