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All I Really Want is Girls

Last year our friend Amy introduced the girls to a great music icon.  The Beastie Boys “Girls”.  When she remembers to, Grace will walk around singing “All I really want is girls. In the morning it’s girls.  etc.”  It’s really … Continue reading

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The Way I See It.

My Grandpa Ted worked at the post office.  I always knew this. He probably retired before I even became aware there was such a thing as the post office, but every time we got a package from Grandma Margaret and … Continue reading

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Peace, Love & Happiness

Today was the first day of the girls’ spring break.  We went for a hike, we met Daddy for lunch and did a million other things.  We took some shots on our hike to share.  Imagine it is 70 degrees.  … Continue reading

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Blahg Blahg Blahg

Ok, so it is a little hard to follow up the shirt in the toilet entry, I admit it.  It makes whatever comes next seem a little, well, Blah.  Plus Phil made some comment about me wasting all my time … Continue reading

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Well Enough. Alone.

Hypothetically speaking, if you ever find yourself in this situation, just consider well enough alone.Let’s say you are dining.  At a restaurant.  With 3 male colleagues.  Let’s say you notice your bra strap.  Loose.  Hanging out the front of your … Continue reading

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