Blahg Blahg Blahg

Ok, so it is a little hard to follow up the shirt in the toilet entry, I admit it.  It makes whatever comes next seem a little, well, Blah.  Plus Phil made some comment about me wasting all my time blogging, and I had the flu and traveled to a couple states so I had to focus on sleep for a while, to mix it up.

While I was gone, Sugar pulled a Houdini and went missing for a couple days – that’s right, a white, declawed house cat, in the desert.  Amazingly, she came back.  We got her from someone who found her outside, so I figure she was already a few lives down when we got her, and 2 nights outside must have stripped a couple more off.  She came back tired, starving, and limping.  T.K. is MAD.  She walks around the house hissing at Sugar, and spitting and growling.  I figure if Sugar peeled a couple of her 9 lives off, maybe she is like a whole new cat to T.K., so she is taking some time to get used to her.

Either way, we are glad to have Sugar back and are going to be a little more gentle, you know, in case this is her last life and all.

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1 Response to Blahg Blahg Blahg

  1. jennie says:

    blogging a waste of time? say it isn’t so.glad the cat is back!

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