I’ve Become an Embarrassment

I realize I can be a little annoying, at times.  When we are alone, the girls think I am funny.  It turns out, however, that when I do and say the same things I do in front of them in front of school aged boys, I am just an embarrasment.  We were at an archery tournament this weekend, and Andra was shooting with a whole pack of boys.  I made a couple sarcastic, and what I consisdered funny, comments, and Andra pulled my arm and frantically mentioned “STOP.  You are embarrassing me!”

We have arrived.  My job is done.

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1 Response to I’ve Become an Embarrassment

  1. jennie says:

    someday, if Andra is feeling bad, like you’ve really embarassed her, please just have her call me. I really doubt that you could ever top my dad in that category.side note: please tell Andra never to ride in an elevator with my dad if it appears that anyone else may enter. that’s his favorite location for embarassment.

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