It’s Not A Tuber

One of the best movie lines ever is where Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Kindergarten teacher, and one of the kids tells him they think he has a tumor, and he says, in that Austrian cum American booming voice “It’s not a tumor!” But it sounds more like “It’s not a toomah.”  Phil and I say it all the time.

Today, when Grace and I were at the grocery, we took a page from Jennie, and Grace picked the “New Fruit or Vegetable of the Week”.  She picked Rhubarb.

Two problems – One: She can’t remember the word Rhubarb, and she kept asking when we were going to make Rhombus Pie.  Two:  No one knows what Rhubarb is.  The cashier didn’t know how to ring it up, so I told him it was Rhubarb, and then he asked what it was – fruit or veggie.  Uh, it’s just Rhubarb. 

When I got home, Phil thought maybe it was in the same family as the potato and turnip – so I replied “NO!  It’s not a tuber!” in the Schwarzenegger voice.  I thought it was pretty funny.  But it didn’t solve the problem.  What is Rhubarb?

So Grace and I did a little research, and as a public service announcement, I bring you the RHUBARB COMPENDIUM.  Seriously, who puts something like this together?  The rhubarb growers of America?  Unite!  You go girls!  Of course, I know I could just go look at the website – turns out, it is just a guy named Dan who runs it.

All mocking aside, Rhubarb is most closely related to sorrel – because DUH! it is a Rheum! That cleared it all up.  Grace and I shopped the 50 or so Rhubarb pie recipes and picked one.  Whipped up a little Rhubarb pie.  Reminisced about the good old 70s when you just ripped a stalk out of the garden and gnawed on it after maybe running it under the hose to wash it off.  Somehow, it just feels like summer when the Rhubarb comes around.

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1 Response to It’s Not A Tuber

  1. Phillip says:

    Let me make this perfectly clear on the tubor comment. I thought Grace said that they bought “rutabagas” which were a Thanksgiving favorite of Joe, Grace’s great grandad and are in fact a tubors. I always knew that rhubard was a rheum. 🙂

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