The Fair Only Comes Once a Year

Some time recently, when someone said something wasn’t fair, I heard a response that I loved – “The fair only comes once a year.”  So true.  I have liberally used this phrase with the girls of late, to continue my gentle training that the world is not fair.  I try to teach my very different girls that everyone has different gifts, and we need to be happy for our own gifts while trying not to begrudge other theirs.  This is sometimes more successful than other times.

Fortunately for us, the fair is in town NOW, so we decided to skip the lessons, and live for this one time a year when we can live fair for a day. So today we hauled ourselves out to the fairgrounds.  I did my best to buy the most tickets I imagined we could use so I wouldn’t be harping on how much it all cost all day.  We bought food.  And snacks.  We looked at the pigs, and the exhibits, and the booths of weird things for sale.  We went on the log ride, and the dizzy dragons and of course, the carousel.  We played the ball toss into the milk jug, and the fishing game, and the dart balloon pop game. 

I was impressed by how much was the same, and how much was different.  I have to admit, the fair concessionaire did a lovely job.  There were live plants on display everywhere, and huge umbrellas and benches to get us out of the sun.  It was clean, and neat and much less Carnival Freak than I remember.  That was different.  But most of the rides and games were the same “old-style” games of chance I remember from the fair when I was little.  Of course, I watched one round of the Round Up, my former favorite ride where you stand up and they spin the big circle until centrifugal force pins you to the sides and then they tip it.  For extra fun.  Yea, I am different.  I would never go on that ride now.  Or the swings, which I also used to love.  Andra was somewhat disappointed in the chickens she brought along (Grace and I) so in the future I will have to bring a friend for her entertainment pleasure.  For now, however, she went along with the baby rides and games. 

We had a great time, and everyone got stuff so that was fair.  For today.

** Note about our respective gifts: Regard – Grace in a tank top with matching headband, skirt, sparkle sandals and small pink handbag.  Andra in an oversized T, black athletic shorts, baseball cap and “supply” backback (packed with detective goods a la Nancy Drew style).  Me, with two fantastical girls I am lucky to have.

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3 Responses to The Fair Only Comes Once a Year

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    The Round up was also my favorite ride and I THINK I could still go on it!

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    I would go if you would – because I don’t believe you.

  3. Kinodrive says:

    Spring time people!!!! Go walk!!! all!!!!

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