Miss Me?

I know it has been a long time since I put up a post, because Jennie is emailing me asking what is going on.  I do the same thing to her if she goes radio silent – so I am sure you are all staying up late nights worrying about me (just let me believe it, okay?).

We are careening rapidly towards the last day of school – which is peppered in between business trips (me and Phil), a funeral (me), a wedding (Grace is the flower girl), a talent show (Andra and Grace), etcetera.  In addition, we ordered plants, and so we have been working on the back yard in every spare moment, to get the plants in before full fry season is upon us.  The good news is, it is so warm in the pool, that we have all been in it pretty regularly – the girls almost every day.  The bad news is – still careening.

I know I say all this as if we are the only busy family on the face of the planet, and of course I realize that can’t be true.  I know you are all busy too.  So do me a favor, over the next week or so, when your youngest complains that her knees are ugly, and the older one emphasizes that her own knees are not only ugly, but hairy, too, have a good laugh and know that we are having the same issue.  Or the next time you hear your kid in the pool go “Oh my gosh!” and you turn around, concerned, to see her doing a pull up on the side of the hot tub saying “My muscles are HUGE!”, know that our muscles are huge, too.

If you start compulsively listening to “Listen” by Beyonce, from the Dream Girls soundtrack – me too!  Shop for a diamond ring for your wife – look for Phil there!

We’ll be thinking of you too, and when we cross paths with a computer, or a good story or two,  we will update you on our progress towards the end of the month – and rest easy, we’ll be back before you know it.

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