Yea Mothers’ Day!

This Mother’s day, I got about the best gift I can imagine.  It was creative, and practical, and exactly what I would buy for myself. 

I got groceries.  Phil took the girls to buy me my favorite groceries, in this order. 

Coffee.  Red wine.  Chocolate.  Salt and pepper chips.

I love eating.  I love these foods.  I am touched that they went out of their way to buy me the foods that generally make me happy and give me great joy.  Even better, they got together an bought me ICE.  That’s right, clear, sparkly, and shiny.  Fifteen diamonds to recognize fifteen years of marriage to the man who made me a mother.  It is hard to decide which gift I am more pleased with – the gift of motherhood or the gift of diamonds to celebrate motherhood.  So far, the ring is totally winning.

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