Six Feet Under

I spent last weekend in Minneapolis for Grandpa Ted’s Funeral Service.

He was buried at Fort Snelling, where there are Six Feet under – six N!les feet, anyway.  Grandpa Jack, Grandma Margaret and Dad.  We spent a fair amount of time at the various sites, and we were glad to see Dad’s headstone for the first time.  Is it actually possible I just typed that?  We brought some trinkets to leave – rocks, a picture, and a Super Student bracelet that Grace changed to say Super Grandpa.



A few happy glimpses from our trip: 


.  A modern day wedding with salmon tafetta dresses – just to prove I am not the only crazy lady around.
.  The spoon bridge at the Sculpture Garden – Grace asked me to take a picture for her.
.  Me and Miles – the newest baby, sharing a drink (and sorry the close up on the ring wasn’t better…).

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1 Response to Six Feet Under

  1. jennie says:

    “beloved boppy” – that sure looks great on your dad’s stone. what a good idea. you’ll create confusion for historians for decades to come.

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